Daily Hopeful

Hello, friends! Today’s post will be a little different.

Sometime last week, I alluded to the fact that I plan to wrap up my posts with Daily Thankful toward the end of this month. A couple if you have raised questions about why I am doing this, so I thought I would let you know where I am in my thinking, and what my intended next steps will be.

As some of you know, Daily Thankful began late last November, when I was going through a particularly difficult season in my life. This blog was definitely not my idea – I felt an earnest prompting from the Holy Spirit to start an anonymous, faith-based daily gratitude and prayer blog. The direction was so specific that it couldn’t be a coincidence (I don’t believe in coincidences, anyway!).

In a way, it felt like a spiritual joke of some kind, if I’m honest. There I was, in one of the worst and most difficult times of my life, and I was being asked by God to chronicle my gratitude – every day! It didn’t make sense.

So I started writing. I never expected anyone to actually read it, though! It began simply enough – noting my gratitude for specific things or people, in a straightforward, very matter-of-fact way.

Somewhere after the first month or two, the blog shifted from listing the things for which I was grateful to more of a reflective/devotional focus. This was not intentionally done on my part, but somewhere along the way, Daily Thankful turned into something like a journal. As my life went up and down, I chronicled the events on this blog, and I started noticing that other people on WordPress were on the journey with me.

As those of you who regularly read this blog know, I have been heartfelt and thorough in the reflections that I share here. There definitely is no half-stepping here on Daily Thankful! I’ve shared my struggles, burdens, joys, and blessings. Also, I’ve been careful to share enough to make the blog meaningful – I hope, anyway – but not specific enough where the focus is exclusively on me. After all, Daily Thankful is about recounting God’s faithfulness to me, rather than being a blog about me, per se.

Along the way, I have grown and matured; also, people have walked alongside me, friendships have blossomed, and wisdom has been shared from the wonderful blogging community here on WordPress. Indeed, there is much that I have learned.

However, such a persistent endeavor – nearly one year of posting pretty much every day! – has taken a cumulative toll on me emotionally. Not in a bad way, but I feel like Daily Thankful has served its God-given purpose (encouraging others to develop a consistent, faith-based gratitude practice. You don’t have to do it every day – just do it consistently!). As promised, I will keep the blog online – the content will remain available for those who wish to review it – but I sense that God is shifting my focus in another, somewhat similar, direction.

At first, my plan was simply to hang around WordPress and read other people’s blogs. However, that feels wrong in some way – as if I am taking without contributing anything. I quickly cast that idea aside.

I’ve been praying about this, and an alternative surfaced which I think works well for me, and I hope will be well-received by you: I plan to start another blog called Daily Hopeful. Daily Hopeful will focus on sharing images, Bible verses, quotes, and other things that will (ideally) inspire faith-based hope in those who choose to follow it. I may repurpose some of the images from Daily Thankful, as I’ve collected quite a treasure trove of Bible verses and inspirational quotes over the course of the past year.

However, what will be missing is the substantial commentary that I normally include in my blog posts. I may include a brief caption, or perhaps a prayer – I have not yet decided.

My feeling is that people need hope – real hope – but they may not have the time or the attention span to follow a blog like Daily Thankful. And that’s okay.

I haven’t yet gotten Daily Hopeful up and running (aside from securing the WordPress domain, but it’s in “stealth mode” now), but I will let you know when I do. If all goes according to plan, then I will seamlessly transfer from Daily Thankful on one day to Daily Hopeful the next. My plan is to link the blogs to one another as well. Then we’ll see how things go from there.

Is Daily Thankful done forever? I honestly don’t know. I feel like the blog has served its purpose, and it may continue to do so, even though I’m no longer actively posting to it. I’m just taking things one step at a time, and following the Lord’s guidance – just as I did a year ago.

I understand if this new format may not resonate with everyone here. Know that I will still stay in touch with you all and follow your blogs as best I can. I still plan to post and comment under the name of Daily Thankful, so you’ll know it’s still me reading and responding to your blog posts. 😀

Thanks so much for hanging with me all this time. God bless you all!


20 thoughts on “Daily Hopeful

  1. Great! Looking forward to seeing how the changes work and how the new approach manifests! Glad that you’re going to stay active on WordPress – it’s great having you around 🙂

    I’ll say a prayer that God continues to guide you as you move into a new season of your online endeavours! 🙏🏻 God bless!

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      1. I’ll def follow Daily Hopeful once it’s up 🙂

        I’m same old, same old. Hahahaha. Maintaining my sanity through prayers until someone can tell me what’s up with the dizziness! Vertigo every day is very tough. Waiting upon God’s appt time of healing.

        Thank you for asking 💜

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      2. Thank you, Faith! I appreciate you! 💛✝️

        I can’t even imagine what it would be like to contend with vertigo everyday. I know that my vestibular migraines were very closely associated with stress, but it took me a long time to work through and process the anxiety that was causing the dizziness. Even now, I have to be careful to avoid certain postures, places, and rapidly moving stimuli. It doesn’t take much to trigger a dizzy spell!

        I will pray for you now.


      3. Yes I am constantly dizzy and it is a challenge to write here too, but I need an outlet. Same here. My earplugs are always in and I can’t be exposed to light. Sometimes the vertigo comes on though Im sitting still! The dizziness is very debilitating. I do hope to share good news with you one day, for you have been very kind.

        I hope that God will heal you completely of your dizziness too forever and ever hahaha.

        Prayers for you too. God Bless. xo

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