Sweet Relief

I love this verse – I really do. I wish I could say that I lived it out today, though, but I didn’t. Not fully, anyway.

The situation was a minor one at most, but to me it was a big deal. A friend of mine is having a baby, and I was invited to attend her baby shower.

As a matter of course, I avoid baby showers (and baby stores) like the plague. Several close friends of mine have had babies, and they all understand that I care for them – and their children – dearly, but I simply do not do baby showers well. Usually, I can stay for about an hour and then I need to leave, and my friends are quite understanding about it all.

Hear me: I have no hidden trauma here about babies. I simply do not enjoy these events, and – as a woman who has no children, and does not desire to have them – these events take on an other-worldly feel to me. After all, what is a Diaper Genie? And how come my mind freezes when I enter a baby store, am facing a walk of pacifiers, and have absolutely no idea how to find the right one listed on my friend’s baby registry?

Not my cup of tea. When the babies become little people who can talk and feed themselves, then I am all in. I simply do not do well with babies and all of the stuff that comes with them.

So today, my friend was having a baby shower and I literally prayed for God’s peace to make it through the baby games and such, as I really wanted to support my friend – her pregnancy is a miracle in several respects.

And you know what? God was faithful! I had the best time – we all did, actually. There were no baby games πŸ˜‚, and we simply enjoyed a great time of fellowship and celebration. The event was especially poignant when our group – we were all connected from a Bible study at church – had the chance to pray for my friend and her baby. Each of us took turns praying, and at the end of the prayer time, each of us had moist eyes.

We took a group photo and went our separate ways – hearts full and spirits lifted (all of us – not just me). This is what happens when God shows up! He takes the very thing that causes me anxiety and turns it around, using it as a vehicle for peace and contentment instead. This is something only the Lord can do.

There is truth to this verse after all. I didn’t fully “stumble” today, but I got pretty close! Thankfully, the Lord was right there to see me through, and He did so beautifully and powerfully. God is good!

Dear Lord, thank You for giving me the ability to overcome my fear and enjoy this sweet time of celebration and joy with my friend. We all have our idiosyncracies, and this is one of mine – You know that I am far from perfect!! I appreciate Your patience with me.

What a wonderful day we all had! I’m so grateful that I was able to be a part of it (even though You know that my feelings about baby stuff haven’t changed). πŸ˜‰ In Your name I pray, Amen.


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