This Hope I Have

Today, I’m very thankful for the general feeling of hope that I have in my life now. I’m focusing on what is possible, and trying to think as expensively as possible – all from a biblical perspective, of course. In fact, the Bible has something very clear to say on this attitude:

What anchors your soul? And what is the source of your hope? (Do you even know?)

While I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, I can rest in the peace and confidence that the Lord has already gone before me, and is working things out on my behalf. I am hopeful that better things are ahead, because I’ve already have experienced the “better things” thusfar! It’s not to say that I am materially rich – I am not – but in the things that really matter, I have wealth beyond measure. 🙂

Dear Lord, I thank You for being the Source of my hope. I like the image that this verse conveys of Your steadfastness being like an anchor. Help me to remember that when an anchor is doing it is supposed to do, then the thing to which it is attached can only stray so far. So, when things feel like they’re turbulent in my life, remind me that You are my Anchor, and that nothing that comes my way ever surprises You (although I know that many things happening in the world today deeply grieve Your heart). In Your name I pray, Amen.


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