Another Life Verse

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared one of my life verses here on Daily Thankful, but I came across one today and felt compelled to post it here:

I really feel like this passage of Scripture speaks for itself. My hope and prayer is that it resonates with you on a profoundly personal level, too.

Dear Lord, thank You for bringing this Bible verse to my attention today. I really appreciate the reminder that love is active, and should always be based on truth. Anything else – even when done with good intentions – is built upon a faulty foundation that will be exposed in time.

Help me to remember that sometimes You will place me in uncomfortable situations that require me to take action, even when it is easier for me to do nothing. Thank You for giving me the presence of mind today to call 911 when I saw the accident on the freeway; I didn’t have to do anything – and as You know, someone else had already reported the incident to the authorities – but in the moment, I felt compelled to take some action. 

Help me to remember that – even when doing so seems insignificant – taking wise action to help those in need is almost always the right thing to do. In Your name I pray, Amen.

7 thoughts on “Another Life Verse

    1. Yes, it is. Sometimes we forget how many people around us are hurting. When we stop and do something kind for another person – without any expectation for acknowledgment or compensation – I believe such actions gladden the heart of God. 🙂

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