Instructions for Life

This is wise counsel for all of us (note that we are the “rich” ones about whom Paul writes):

Remember, there are lots of ways to be rich: in love, in generosity, in gratitude, in service, etc. There certainly are many different kinds of wealth – the monetary kind is of least importance, in my opinion – and whether you have an abundance or lack, it’s your attitude toward your possessions (or lack thereof) that really matters.

Like I said earlier – these are our instructions for life (I never said that they were easy to follow, though)! 😉

Dear Lord, I thank You for these very clear directions. Please give me the wisdom and discernment to faithfully follow Your instructions, even when doing so makes no sense (or is inconvenient). Help me to remember that real living is about thinking of others and giving, rather than focusing my attention on myself and what I have (or lack). Your instructions aren’t necessarily easy to follow, but they are always right. In Your name I pray, Amen.

4 thoughts on “Instructions for Life

  1. Absolutely, the monetary, material things will fade away, they are only temporary. Even when we have them, we are worried they will get stolen, damaged, they have to be maintained. The other “riches” those are the ones that mean the most. I have never received anything material that made me as happy, or content as something that I could do, or to help out one of my Brothers or Sisters. Such a wonderful message this morning :):)

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