In Good Hands

So this morning, I had to undergo a minor procedure. Everything is fine, but I nonetheless took the balance of the day to rest and be gentle with myself.

Today, I am grateful for the wonderful people who helped me this morning. The staff at the clinic very friendly, kind, and reassuring. I felt totally comfortable in their hands, and my experience was completely positive. Truly, kind words from others can make a big difference in the quality and caliber of our life experiences!

I feel led to write a thank you note to the staff – to two women in particular – for their kindnesses to me. Due to their steadfast care and compassion (as well as the presence of the Holy Spirit), I was completely at ease the entire time. The whole experience was characterized by ease and calm, which is a big reason for my gratitude today.

Dear Lord, thank You for taking care of me this morning, and making sure that everything went so smoothly. I ask for Your special blessing and favor on the women at the clinic who were so very kind to me. 

Also, in general, thank You for the medical professionals here and all over the world, who give so much of themselves to ensure that we can live as healthfully and productively as possible. Additionally, thank You for giving me good (albeit not inexpensive!) health insurance, so that I am can receive the care and treatment needed so that I am able remain in reasonably good physical condition – a bittersweet luxury that for too many on this earth are not able to enjoy. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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