Order My Steps

This passage of Scripture is a great encouragement to me. It reminds me that the Lord is right there with me with each step (or misstep) that I take:

Note that these verses do not promise that the Christian life will be one that is footloose and fancy-free. My experience is that it can be quite the opposite; however, even in the midst of trials, it is still possible to experience the peace of the Lord (even though I have to be intentional about not worrying. I am a worrier by nature, and “analysis paralysis” can be my default mindset if I’m not careful about it).

But I digress. As the verses say, “Though [emphasis added] they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.” Stumbling is part-and-parcel of our spiritual journey, and anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling you the whole truth. We will stumble, and if you haven’t experienced that yet, keep on living! Your day will come. 😉

What encourages me is the fact that we will never fall – we will never be utterly cast down, unable to get back up again. To me, stumbling speaks of tripping and losing one’s sense of equilibrium temporarily; you may make a misstep, but you’re able to regain your steadiness and keep on walking. Falling, however, means that you are unable to get up, an that you may be sidelined for awhile. When you fall, you need someone to help you get back up again.

My personal opinion is that we live in a backwards world, where most people have fallen and sincerely believe that being on the ground is the normal place to be! Those of us who are trying to walk steadily – even though we may stumble every now and again – are often mocked or misunderstood for our convictions and faith. 

However, only when you are walking in the right direction are you able to recognize that being sidelined on the ground it’s not where God wants anybody to be! So my task from the Lord is to keep on walking – even though I do trip and narrowly miss the occasional pothole of temptation and distraction from time to time.

So, be encouraged today! We will all definitely do our fair share of spiritual bumbling and stumbling, but we will never utterly be cast down – even though it may feel that way sometimes. Remember that the Lord is with you every day; and in a way that I still don’t totally understand, He both experiences life with me day in and day out, and also sovereignly superintendends over everything happening in my world and in the lives of others, too. Nothing ever catches Him by surprise!

Dear Lord, thank You for ordering my steps of fresh every day. Help me to remember that regardless of what’s happening in my life, You are always with me and are my Source of true security and strength. 

Thank You for always holding me by the hand and never letting me go! In Your name I pray, Amen.

5 thoughts on “Order My Steps

    1. Exactly! So often we are deceived into thinking that our faith walk involves “stumble-free” living, when in fact our reality is precisely what you say: God never leaves us alone and is right by our side, to help steady us so we can continue our journey with Him.

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      1. Yes indeed my friend, or it’s the other end of the spectrum. By that I mean it breaks my heart when people say that they have to suffer, if they aren’t suffering then God isn’t working. Truly breaks my heart because, I feel, God doesn’t want us to suffer, He wants us happy. Yes there will be suffering but it’s not an everyday requirement. God Bless you :):)


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