Standing Promises

Today, I am grateful for the myriad promises in the Bible that give me hope and perspective. I am reminded that – no matter how things may appear to my mortal eyes – God is still firmly in control over everything, seen and unseen.

In particular, I am comforted by the justice of God. Whether it happens on this side of eternity or the other, the Lord – the Righteous Judge – promises to right all wrongs. The wicked may appear to prosper for a season, but they too will have their day in court, so to speak.

In the meantime, life is not without its challenges, but I am encouraged that God will eventually rectify, resolve, and redeem everything that has been broken by sin (the book of Revelation bears this out, ultimately). The Bible is chock-full of promises that I can stand on – even when I feel dismayed and discouraged – because God always keeps His word, and He simply cannot lie. So, if He says He’ll right the wrongs committed against me – according to His timing and purposes – then I choose to believe Him.

Here is my prayer for today: Lord, thank You for your incredible faithfulness. Thanks for the important reminders in the Bible that point to Your goodness and character: You will do that which You have promised. When it seems like the wicked are prevailing in my own life, would You remind me to find one of Your promises in Scripture and stand upon it in faith, rather than living “under” my circumstances? In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.


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