He Makes All Things…

I am grateful that the Lord has made this world as beautiful as it is. Yes, our world is broken, and things often don’t go the way they should, but I’ve found that if you take a moment to look, you can see God’s creative handiwork pretty much everywhere.

I live in a place that is none-too-far from the beach, and for some reason, the water is where I experience God’s presence and peace the most powerfully. How can anyone admire such beauty, yet not acknowledge the Master Creator behind such a scene?

Each time I walk into church, I observe a small orange tree. I looked up, recently, noting that the oranges were the right size, yet were not ripe. A few weeks later, some of the oranges were ripe, but others were in the process of ripening (not quite green, but not yet orange, either). I am reminded of the Scripture that says, “He makes everything beautiful in His time.” This is a powerful reminder to me to take an inportant lesson from nature: God made it, and He sustains everything in it, according to His timing and purposes. I’ll never look at an orange tree in quite the same way again!

Here is my prayer for today: Creator God, thank You for making such a beautiful world, and then entrusting Your creation into our hands to take care of it. Each day, may I experience You afresh as I glimpse a sunset, a beautiful tree, rare bird, or some other precious aspect of Your creation, and remember to say “thank You.” Help me also to remember that Yoh superintend over all You have made, and that You will tak care of me, just as you look after everything else You have made. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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